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Pinefur Meets or PFM is Southern New Jersey's regional furry community! We also see frequent visits from members that reside in surrounding states such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, and Maryland.

PFM and the local community host multiple events each year! Click the button below to see
the upcoming events.

Code of Conduct

1) Respect the venue. This includes following their rules, and cleaning up after yourself.2) No harassment. If someone says no, no means no.3) Respect others. We're all here to enjoy the event. Your enjoyment should not involve hurting others or intruding on their space when unwelcome.4) Respect yourself. Berating yourself, or otherwise general misconduct that makes others uncomfortable, will not be tolerated.
Alcoholic consumption should be kept within moderation and may only be consumed by adults over 21. Buying alcohol for minors is strictly forbidden by Pinefur Meets rules and New Jersey State Law. If you are found out to be supplying alcohol to a minor, we will be obligated to contact the police. If you are approached by a minor to acquire alcohol for them, then say "No" and report it to a staff member.
If someone becomes too intoxicated they will be asked to leave the event prematurely and be issued a warning.
No actual weapons or any item that can be easily mistaken for one may be carried either openly or concealed at any time in our event spaces, regardless of any government permits which you may possess. Exceptions may be made ONLY FOR DULY APPOINTED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. Personal pocket knives with single-edged blades less than 4 inches long are permitted. If it is found out you are concealing a weapon you will be restricted from all future Pinefur events.

Minors and Parental Consent
In the case of minors 13 years of age or older, it will be assumed that any parents or legal guardians have granted permission for their attendance, Pinefur Meets and the current venue will not assume responsibility for their actions or conduct.
Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while at any Pinefur furmeet.
Release of Liability for Personal Injury
Pinefur Meets will not be responsible for any personal injury due to neglect of event venue or PFM rules, or due to rough-housing during events.
In addition, any costumers must relieve the venue and Pinefur Meets of any responsibility when it comes to personal injury relating to or dealing with costumes and/or masks.
Release of Liability for Personal Belongings
All event attendees will take responsibility for their own belongings. Neither Pinefur Meets or the event venue will be held responsible for missing or damaged items.

Events are organized for everyone's enjoyment. This should not include observing lewd or disturbing behavior.《Soft violation of the rules, gets a warning. Repeated violations results in blacklisting.》

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Pinefurs' Mascot, Ranger the Fox!

Pinefurs' Mascot, Ranger the Fox!

In early May 2023, a group of friends, led by Toofy and Gumball, had decided to plan a hangout at Cape May Lighthouse. The hangout quickly and unexpectedly evolved into a mini furmeet at the beach in West Cape May. It was here that Pinefur Meets was born, and many of the founding members are still in charge today! Since that day, the Pinefurs have held several meets and co-hosted con panels with other prominent NJ furries; and brought furbowls back to South Jersey, creating Pineland Furbowl. Meets include the ever-popular Batty at Batsto (a Halloween easter egg hunt and costume contest), Camp Carnival (a several day camping trip with tons of activities and meals cooked over bonfire), and Fur the Howl-idays 21+ party (a Christmas party with craft classes, poker tournament, live music, and alcohol)The Telegram group was formed, in late May 2023 in order to bring the community closer together with a more consistently active chat room. As of that June, a Discord chat was added for voice and video communications.Throughout the year, Pinefurs members regularly attend meetups that are hosted by locals within the state and surrounding areas. You can find the event schedule by clicking here. The community is moderated by a dedicated staff, click here for more information on who they are.Pinefur Meets is a non-discriminatory community and has members from a wide variety of backgrounds. The community seeks to engage creative minds in the pursuit of education, entertainment, and bettering our society.

StaffRoleSecondary Role
ToofyFounderEvent Host
HunterEvent HostModerator
TylerEvent HostModerator
ZenoModeratorSocial Media